Former Steeler Santonio Holmes: 'Every Young Player Needs To Learn How To Play With Ben'

Roethlisberger allows young receivers to showcase their talent

The Fan Morning Show
August 22, 2019 - 11:26 am
Ben Roethlisberger

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Super Bowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes stopped by The Fan Morning Show Thursday to talk about his III & Long Foundation and Strikes Against Sickle Cell event coming up on October 15th at Noble Manor Lanes in Greentree. Click here for more info

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He also had some time to talk about his former team and what he is seeing from them heading into 2019. 

Holmes said that while there is no Antonio Brown, it will be #7 that will hold things together and keep the offense performing at an elite level.

"Ben has been leading this squad for 15 plus years," said Holmes. "To know that that guy has continued to do exactly that, which is lead the squad and put the team in every possible situation to win every ballgame that he's played in...every young person that comes to play in this league has to understand how to adapt to his style of play." 

"When he goes out, there's no play that is finished until he decides the play is finished in practice. So you have to be aware of how the game plays out because he's going to continue playing the game. If you develop that understanding of how he wants you to react to passes that are being thrown, situational football, you will be respected, you will get your opportunities to showcase what talent you have at that position and that's what what makes him a great leader." 

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Holmes also believes in JuJu Smith-Schuster and his ability to lead this wide receiver group. 

"Why do I believe in JuJu? Second year in the NFL, became team MVP at the wide receiver position. [That's] something that's very tough to do in the National Football League. The confidence that he has to go out and make every play, try to make every catch and to know that he does it for the fun of the game, the fact that he's willing to take on that role and not shy down."       

And about that guy that left town who used to wear #84 in black and we talk about him too much? 

"Everyone grows up in this league and it takes time to develop. He's built a platform where media has become part of his everyday circle. So, with the critics are going to come a lot of time where he doesn't feel comfo rtable with these discussions because there is no focal point to his life. When your life is broadcast as socially as it has until now, you have to take every good with every bad and you have to filter through." 

"With that being said, if his main focus is to get back on track, you pull the LeBron James card and you black out your social media for x amount of time and it doesn't create any chaos, there's no issues, there's no stories to tell, there's nothing to talk about. But, you don't want to lose that following and brand so he does it so just let him play football. Watch what he does on the football field and stop bringing everything as a social issue in his life because it is being broadcasted."   

You can hear the entire interview with Santonio Holmes on The Fan Morning Show below.              

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