Former Steelers CB Bryant McFadden: Steelers Need More Player Leadership

McFadden doesn't think any player is capable of getting Brown's undivided attention

Matt Koll
January 08, 2019 - 11:13 am
Antonio Brown

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Former Steelers cornerback Bryant McFadden is a former player under head coach Mike Tomlin and a former close teammate of Antonio Brown.

McFadden joined The Fan Morning Show on Tuesday to give his thoughts on the current situation between the Steelers and Brown and what he thinks is really at fault: leadership. 

"When you look at the Pittsburgh Steelers, the best player on the team, non-quarterback position is AB. But that doesn't mean he should be a leader, right? [Some] people can't handle that leadership role. I think that's an issue with the Pittsburgh Steelers is leadership," said McFadden. "Right now, is there an individual, as far as a personality on the team, that can sit AB down and tell AB when he's right and when he's wrong and he will receive AB's undivided attention? I'm not sure they have that individual on the team." 

"When we played we had multiple leaders, I just singled out James Farrior (earlier in the interview) as a guy because we all knew what he meant to our team, [although] he never was considered one of the best players at his position. But we had guys like Casey Hampton. If Casey spoke out, you knew it was an issue. If he wasn't talking about food or snacks and he spoke out about something outside of that as far as detrimental to the team, we knew it was an issue."

"Early on we had guys like Jerome Bettis. Joey Porter. We had so many timely personalities that spoke out in a timely fashion that we all respected. That went a long way, that's why we always won. We never had inside drama become outside drama. That can become contagious in a bad way and that's something they have to define going forward. Guys that can command the locker room. Guys that can command the attention and move forward and x out any negativity that potentially could become a bigger problem."

McFadden did say that he would welcome Brown back into the locker room if he remains a Steeler because everyone makes mistakes and there are two sides to every story. But, he doesn't agree with how Brown handled the situation by abandoning his team and says he would need to apologize and stick his hand back in the pile in order to be accepted again. 

McFadden concluded the interview by talking about separating your life as a superstar in the league like Brown, being a Pittsburgh Steeler and how those two things should be prioritized.  

"When you're a Steeler, everything else don't matter. We used to have a saying when I played there, 'when one player makes a play, we all make a play.' We all felt that way. No individual was bigger than the organization. They had the Steel Curtain before we became relevant as a defensive unit. And the Steelers will be there after us and so on and so forth."

"So, for me, when you become that superstar player, you always have to remind yourself that is not bigger than you're first initial role, which is as a Steeler. You owe that to the organization because they gave you an opportunity to do something you probably thought you'd never do which is play in the National Football League and play for one of the more prestigious organizations, professional organizations in America." 

You can hear the entire interview with former Steelers cornerback Bryant McFadden on The Fan Morning Show below.



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