Former Steelers OC Bruce Arians: AB Is Out Of Line At Times

Sideline outbursts make him look selfish

Matt Koll
September 24, 2018 - 11:25 am
Antonio Brown

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- There are few people in the media right now who have worked with Antonio Brown as closely as Bruce Arians has as the former offensive coordinator of the Steelers. In fact, maybe no one has.

Arians, now an analyst for the NFL on CBS, joined The Fan Morning Show on Monday before the Steelers battle the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and said that he essentially isn't surprised by AB's sideline outburst last weekend. 

"AB has done that since he's been in the league. He did it with me, he did it with Todd [Haley], he's doing it with Randy [Fichtner] that's just AB," said Arians with a laugh. "It is out of line at times because it looks selfish. I know he's not a selfish player, he is a passionate player but it comes across as 'get me the ball, get me the ball.'"

Arians said the best way to treat him is to, well, feed him. 

"Just like all good receivers you've got to get him the ball early, get him involved and let him know he's involved early," said Arians. "I go back to Cleveland [Week 1 of this season in which Arians was on the call for CBS] and I think Ben tried to force a couple to AB and they were interceptions. Those are the things you cannot do. You cannot try to get him the ball just to try to get him the ball. But that's been [Brown's] MO forever." 

So can that be a problem for Ben Roethlisberger in always worrying about getting Brown the ball?

"As the game progresses you've got to take what the defense is giving you and I think Ben does a great job of that," said Arians. "But as a coordinator, you design those first 15 plays, you want to try to get AB the ball at least two to three times in those first 15 plays." 

Arians believes that wide receivers coach Darryl Drake is one of the best in the NFL and can handle the many personalities, including Brown, that make up this receiving corp or any receiving corp.

"He knows how to maintain his room," said Arians. "So that's not a problem. Again, Antonio is such a passionate guy and wants the ball because he thinks that's how they win the game. Darryl can handle that situation extremely well." 

You can hear the entire interview with former Steelers OC now NFL on CBS analyst Bruce Arians on The Fan Morning Show below. Hear what he says about tonight's Steelers-Bucs matchup, whether the Steelers miss Le'Veon Bell and what really makes a Steeler offense tick. 


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