Former Steelers QB Bruce Gradkowski: Bell Is Still The Guy But Conner Deserves A Look

Cook and Poni Show

Joe Kapp
August 28, 2018 - 1:17 pm

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Former Steelers QB Bruce Gradkowski told Andrew Fillipponi when he joined the Cook and Poni Show on Tuesday that Le'Veon Bell should not be concerned with Ben Roethlisberger's comments on getting James Conner the ball more because they know what Bell brings.


"Of the course the Steelers are going to utilize him because they want to win," Gradkowski said. "They don't want to just win a game or two or even win the division. They want to win the Super Bowl sand to do that you need #26 in the backfield for the majority of the season."


That being said....He is not opposed to James Conner getting more carries than normal in week 1 to help Le'Veon Bell regain his legs so you don't have a repeat start of last year.


So what has Gradkowski so confident that Conner can carry the load early?


"He is reliable and he is accountable and he has been around," Gradkowski added. "He has proven that can take the next step in his career."


Gradkowski said that the comments made by Ben Roethlisberger that he wanted to see Conner get more carries is not because he doesn't want Bell to get the majority but to help ease him back.


"Ben's a competitor and Ben's the leader of the football team. He probably got rubbed the wrong way that Le'Veon missed all of training camp," Gradkowski said. "Ben doesn't dislike Le'Veon. Ben understands the value that Le'Veon brings but Ben is also saying look James Conner has been around all preseason and all off season let this guy carry the workload at the beginning. You know basically in a round about way saying we will ease Le'Veon Bell back into it"