Foster Addresses NFL National Anthem Controversy

The Steelers guard says 'let's see football'

Shelby Cassesse
July 27, 2018 - 2:07 pm
Ramon Foster

LATROBE (93.7 The Fan) - NFL players have rejoined their respective teams at training camp with the national anthem debate no closer to being resolved than it was when the season ended in February. 

The league enacted a new policy during the offseason that stated players had the option to stay in the locker room for the national anthem, but if they chose to stay on the field, they had to "stand and show respect." The rule remained in place for less than two months when the league announced any new rule pertaining to the national anthem would not be enforced until they could come to an agreement with the NFL Players Association on how to best handle the situation. 

Steelers guard Ramon Foster thinks the conversation just continues to hurt the league. 

"This area that we're in right now with anybody saying anything negative about the NFL, it's just hurting the brand," Foster said Friday. "I feel like both sides need to realize that. So, the stuff that we're putting out there, whether it's the national anthem stuff or whether we're getting it from outside entities, we've got to make sure that we control the press and what we're pushing out there, also."

President Donald Trump has been one of the biggest criticizers of NFL players protesting during the national anthem, tweeting as recently as July 20 about the issue. 

Foster believes the league and the players association should continue to talk through the subject, but in the meantime, it should not be such a public issue. 

"It's just a shame that it gets highlighted because, hate to throw him in it, but because the president or the White House says something about it," he said. "Leave that alone. Don't fall for that. There's other issues that we need to be taking care of other than that."

Many questions remain as to how players, fans and league officials will react towards the national anthem when the season begins, but Foster says he is just ready to play.

"The ones that hate it will hate it," he said. "The ones that don't care, won't care, and I think there's a majority of the guys that just...or the fans that just don't care about it. Let's see football. We'll hash everything out when it comes to it."