Ramon Foster

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Foster Expresses Thoughts On Roethlisberger's Elbow

Foster Joins Jeff Hathhorn For First Ramon Foster Show

September 13, 2018 - 10:36 pm

By Stacy Kauffman

After the "feels like a loss" tie in Cleveland, 93.7 The Fan's Jeff Hathhorn talked about the fallout with the Steelers' Ramon Foster during the offensive lineman's first show of the 2018 season. Not the least of which was Ben Roethlisberger's elbow and how it kept the franchise QB from fully practicing Thursday.

"Ben's a gamer. If you've known Ben all these years, you know if he's gonna go he will go," said Foster. "You don't have to have much preparation when you're Ben. He gets it. He knows how to play." Playing Kansas City five times in the last four years goes a long way in preparing for Sunday's home opener versus the Chiefs. "He's very familiar with them so if he has the opportunity to go I'm sure he will."

If he doesn't, what's it like on offense? "The backup never commands the huddle the way he does. Ben says it, we know it." Foster added that continuity on offense is huge, Ben provides that and is respected. That's not to say the freshly minted backup QB, Josh Dobbs, is a slouch. "He's been a guy to say, 'okay count me out and watch me show you out' every single time."

Still, when asked if he was concerned about Ben, Foster replied that he always is. "You're concerned, especially for a guy that throws the ball and has to handle the ball as much as he does."


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