'Sorer Than Hell' But Garth Brooks Having A Blast At Pirates Spring Training

Brooks is at Pirates Spring Training for his Teammates For Kids charity

Eric Hagman
February 19, 2019 - 4:58 pm

BRADENTON, FL (93.7 The Fan) - Country superstar Garth Brooks is in Bradenton training with the Pirates to support his foundation Teammates for Kids.

The charity supports pediatric hospitals, sports and recreation programs and educational opportunities for kids less fortunate.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday Brooks said his inspiration to help others came from Pirates great Roberto Clemente, who died while on a relief trip to Nicaragua after an earthquake in 1972.

Holding back tears Brooks said, “My life changed when I was 9-years-old when Roberto Clemente was killed in a plane crash on New Year’s Eve helping kids. Made a promise to him as a kid I would do something in baseball, never thought I’d ever fulfill that promise and then got approached by a gentleman named Bo Mitchell . . . that wanted to change baseball statistics into dollars for kids.”

 “So it’s neat to be associated with the family that he was associated with . . . it’s a really beautiful thing and really kind of close to your heart . . .  It’s neat to be wearing the colors black and gold, I don’t know how it gets better than that,” said Brooks.

Brooks said he is amazed how fast the game moves around him and while he’s having fun, he is also sore.

“Sorer than hell, I mean everything hurts but it’s so much fun and guys like Corey (Dickerson) . . . I don’t know if you know Corey but he’s kind of quiet and shy, he’s yakkin’ at my ass the whole time we’re running bases out there, he’s right on me. He makes it fun and at the same time he’s one of those guys that demands from his teammates to give you everything (you) got.”

Brooks will leave the team at the end of the week and while he is with the Bucs for charity, he says the players and coaches treat him like “one of the guys” because he is wearing the uniform.

“You get treated like one of them and as much as I’m thankful for that it worries me, bothers me because I don’t want to get in the way. You want to respect the game, respect the league, and respect your brothers out here playing so you just want to kind of move quietly and get in and out of their way but the coaches won’t let you. You’re wearing that uniform; you get your ass in there and take your hits like everybody else and it’s awfully sweet to be treated like that,” said Brooks.

Brooks said that when a player signs up for Teammates For Kids they promise to donate $100 for every homerun and the organization then finds sponsors who will triple that donation. Brooks added 100 percent of the money raised goes to the children. He and other private donors take care of the overhead.

Brooks will leave Pirates camp before the Pirates first Spring Training game this Saturday against Philadelphia.

LISTEN to all of Brooks' comments below.

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