Garth Brooks At Pirates Camp Got The Fan Morning Show Thinking...

Just how good of a baseball player do you think you are?

Matt Koll
February 12, 2019 - 11:12 am
Pirates pitcher Trevor Williams

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- As the Pirates report to Bradenton for Spring Training, a special visitor has come to greet them. Country star Garth Brooks is there to hang out with them for a week through his Teammates for Kids foundation.

Seeing a regular guy (in baseball terms) out there with Major League players got the wheels turning for Colin Dunlap, Chris Mack and Jim Colony of The Fan Morning Show and led to today's daily Twitter poll...

Can you envision standing in the batter's box and seeing a 98 mph fastball flying out of a man's hand from 60 feet 6 inches away? Then thinking to yourself that you have to try to make contact with it with that bat in your hands?  

After you've envisioned this, now imagine standing in that same batter's box and experiencing an 85 mph curveball that looks like it's coming straight for your face, only to cut in a split-second and drop right in the zone for a strike. 

No chance. 

Colin Dunlap proclaimed, while the guys were discussing this on the show, that there isn't a listener right now with exception to any Pirates players who might be listening from Bradenton that can get more than 10 hits in 500 MLB at-bats. 

Chris Mack thinks he would get exactly one hit. Just one.  A lucky little flair out to right field that somehow drops in. 

Jim Colony put himself at a flat zero. Jim claims that even if he did drop the lucky little flair into right field, he would get thrown out at first base by the right fielder. 

How do you think you would fare? How many hits could you rack up in 500 AB's? 

Are you this guy?

Or this guy?


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