Getting to Know Bell's Right Hand Man

Find out the story behind why Josh Bell chose Jon Schwind to be his pitcher for the Home Run Derby

Noah Hiles
July 08, 2019 - 8:01 pm

Photo By: Noah Hiles


CLEVELAND (93.7 The Fan) – Josh Bell will be the main thought on the minds of Pirates fans with the 2019 Home Run derby later this evening. While there is no doubt that Bell’s swing is the most important aspect to his potential success, another key component that will determine how well Bell’s night goes will be the performance of his pitcher, Jon Schwind.

Schwind, who was a 41st round pick by the Pirates in 2011, was chosen by Bell due to their history together in the minor leagues. Bell and Schwind’s friendship dates all the way back to when the played together in West Virginia in the lower level of the Bucs minor league system.

“We had talked when we were in the minor leagues together about if we were in a home run derby who we’d have throw to us,” Schwind reflected. “Both of us usually would say Tom Prince. He throws good batting practice so that who I assumed he’d pick.”

While Bell’s progress to the big leagues never came to an end, Schwind’s professional career was halted due to a series of injuries. However, due to his love of the game and good reputation within the organization he began his professional coaching career in 2019 as the third base coach for Triple-A Indianapolis.

“When I transitioned into a coaching role Josh has come and hit with me a few times,” said Schwind. “So its not like he’s never swung off of me. But to make it a reality and have me out there throwing is a whirl wind of emotions.”

Known mostly as a utility infielder, Schwind does have some professional experience on the mound. Throughout his minor league career, Schwind has pitched 8.1 scoreless innings in relief. However, he insisted that his ERA will definitely be going up on Monday night when Bell steps into the batters box.