Giger: "We All Knew Kevin Newman Was Going To Hit"

Cory joins Tab to discuss Josh Bell, Is Newman the starting shortstop of the future and who he would have as untouchables at the trade deadline

Tab Douglas
July 08, 2019 - 7:48 pm

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Tab Douglas was in for Paul Zeise Monday night and he was joined by Cory Giger of The Altoona Mirror and they opened up discussing Josh Bell in the Home Run Derby and the relationship that Bell has with Jon Schwind who will be pitching to him Monday night in the Derby.

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"I can honestly tell you, the best teammate I've ever encountered on any time ever, anywhere, was Jon Schwind," said Giger. "The pefect teammate is this guy."

Cory talks about what kind of teammate Jon Schwind was in the clubhouse and how he would do anything for the team.

One of the big topics we've heard for the past year surrounding the Pirates is who will play Shortstop for the foreseeable future, Kevin Newman or Cole Tucker.  The way Newman has played this season has it looking like he does not want to give up the starting Shortstop job any time soon.

Cory brings up that Pirates management and fans have had this conversation in the past when they were discussing Chase D'arnaud and Jordy Mercer.  D'arnaud was the one that was opening eyes coming up through the system, but Jordy Mercer ended up being the starting shortstop in Pittsbugh for years.

"In the Minor Leagues, Chase D'arnaud was a better player than Jordy Mercer. Chase D'arnaud was more athletic, could steal bases, he had more power potential, he just could never stay healthy," said Giger. "So who ends up being the everyday shortstop for the Pirates for 6-7 years, Jordy Mercer."

Most people who have seen Tucker and Newman, would agree that Tucker has the better upside and could be the shortstop of the future.

"If I were to tell you, hey Cole Tucker could probably be the shortstop of the future and he could be the face of the franchise kind of a guy, well the one caveat with all of that is you got hit," said Giger, "Because the one thing Kevin Newman will do, we all knew Kevin Newman was going to hit. He was going to put the bat on the ball...That guy has some of the most impressive at-bats, 8,9,10,11 pitches, hard contact, putting pressure on the pitcher...he doesn't give away at-bats."

If Tucker figures it out, he will be the shortstop of the future, but Cory goes on to say that he wouldn't be surprised if 6-7 years from now if we are talking about Newman as the everyday shortstop and Tucker is playing another position for the Pirates.

With the trade deadline approaching, fans are starting to look at which players in the system Neal Huntington and the Pirates could move to help add to this Pirates team to make a run at the NL Central division title.

"I think the most lucrative trade piece the Pirates could probably have is Will Craig," said Giger. "If the Pirates are going to make a move, he would probably be up near the top of most people's list."

There are a couple players that Cory says he would have as untouchables, especially after who they gave up at last season's trade deadline.

"If the Pirates are in position and they can make a move...I would move Will Craig, I would move Hunter Owen," said Giger. "I wouldn't move Cole Tucker, I think that's a guy that a lot of teams would come after, I would do everything that I can to maximize Cole Tucker at shortstop, in the outfield, third base, find out (what you have) because he could be a star and obviously I wouldn't want to move Mitch Keller as well."

Cory and Tab also discuss more about Josh Bell and Jon Schwind's relationship, how great of a teammate Schwind was, Dario Agrazal after a couple starts with the Pirates and what the Pirates have coming up through the system and who to watch right now and who is the starting pitcher to watch in the system after Mitch Keller.

Listen to Tab Douglas' entire interview with Cory Giger below:

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