The Great Divide Between Pirates Fans

There's no middle ground anymore with the Bucs

The Fan Morning Show
June 20, 2018 - 11:12 am
Clint Hurdle

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- The Fan Morning Show has noticed a disturbing development within the Pirates fan base that seems to be only getting worse.

When the Bucs are mentioned in any kind of discussion, it doesn't take long for things to get heated. Eventually, even while trying to have a sane, rational conversation about the team, two sides seem to form quite quickly causing the discussion to get ugly. It's especially prevalent after a Pirates loss like Wednesday morning. 

As Colin Dunlap explained Wednesday, you say something positive about the Pirates and a vicious side of the fan base comes out that claims you are a "shill" and that you are "toeing the company line" are feeding into some kind of scheme from ownership.

You say something negative about the Pirates and the ruthless analytical takes come into the fray as people cite that spending money doesn't always amount to wins and that economically the Pirates are doing all they can in the market to contend...that the Pirates run a great business model.  

There seems to be no middle ground. It's hard one side or the other. Very little compromise, very much an argumentative culture. That's where we have arrived as Pirates fans. Even if all involved want the same thing, the Pirates to win games and win a World Series, it's maybe as separated as it ever has been. 

Jim Colony says there is a perception out there from fans that they care more about winning than ownership does and as long as that exists, so will these conversations and arguments. 

The talks are endless and tiring with really no end in sight. 


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