Guentzel Hopes Points Come In Bunches For Him Again In The Playoffs

The Pens winger is gearing up for another stellar playoff run

The Fan Morning Show
April 10, 2018 - 11:27 am
Jake Guentzel

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Penguins winger Jake Guentzel scored 13 goals and 21 points in just 25 games in the postseason last year as a rookie, serving as a key contributor to a second consecutive Stanley Cup championship for the Penguins.

Now after this first full season, Guentzel is ready for round two. 

"I'm happy with the season, I would have liked to get to 50 points but hopefully I get it going into the playoffs, hopefully they come in bunches," said Guentzel. "I'm happy with where I'm going and hopefully I can keep going."

This being his first full season, Guentzel learned what it is truly like being an NHL player.

"I mean it's tough, you have to be consistent throughout the whole year," said Guentzel. "Each night's a war so I think as a young guy you come in you've got to learn, you've got to be on your top notch every day or they'll find someone that will do that. Little bit of a learning curve, but hopefully I'm feeling good going into the playoffs."  

Guentzel has the privilege of having arguably the best player in the world center his line in Sidney Crosby and he handles it well...with some help from Sid, of course. 

"He communicates so well with us guys that he makes you feel comfortable right away," said Guentzel. "Obviously you get the puck and you're kind of looking for him right away but he just tells you to [create] the plays that you can do. So, we're pretty lucky to have a guy like that." 

"He'll tell you things he sees or he doesn't see or things he thinks you need to work on," said Guentzel. "Obviously he sees plays that not many people can see so you learn so much throughout a game or practices and just watching him and being around him."

Guentzel loves the playoff atmosphere and feels a distinct difference when the calendar flips to April.

"Everyone's a little bit more excited, you can tell in the building when it's going to be emotional, it's going to be loud, hostile environment in both rinks," Guentzel said. "I think you can just tell going to the practice rink and everyone's getting a little more prepped up and ready to go. Definitely the best time to play."

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