'He Has Shown Flashes Of Being A Legitimate, #1, Star Tight End'

NFL Network insider calls Ebron signing one of his favorites

Matt Koll
March 31, 2020 - 10:52 am
Eric Ebron

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- The first waves of NFL free agency have come and gone. The league has not moved. The draft is still scheduled to take place in late April. So, we're in a bit of a holding pattern even with the NFL, the one league that seemingly hasn't much missed a beat since the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport joined The Fan Morning Show Tuesday to go over some league happenings and said that the delaying the start of the league year and free agency was debated heavily but he thinks it ultimately served everyone well in providing some normalcy during this time. 

He talked about the upcoming NFL Draft and how the pre-draft work will have to look a little different without the ability to meet with prospects in-person. 

"They get the real stuff on a player (from in-person meetings), they go to the pro day, they go to meet with the equipment guys in the Mississippi State locker room and they say, 'What's this guy really like?' That's really the good stuff. 

So instead of that stuff, you rely on your scouts. You rely on your area scouts who are your boots on the ground, your 'alright, tell me what I actually need to know,' those are going to be the guys that suddenly have a lot of power. The team that have good scouts, and I would certainly think the Steelers, the way they've drafted would be one of them, you rely on your foot soldiers. I think that's going to help in this environment." 

Rapoport of course followed the free agency period closely and was one of the insiders breaking news on many of the deals league-wide. He commented on the Eric Ebron specifically and gave the Steelers some high praise for the move. 

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"For him, $6 million a year is not crazy and especially, the tight end market is going to go nuts, so it's probably going to be even more of a bargain. He has shown flashes of being a legitimate, #1, star tight end. 

Last year we didn't see it, the year before we did. If he had gotten a contract extension the year before with the Colts, he would have been among the highest-paid tight ends in football. I think, with Ebron, he could be a legit, playmaking, redzone-thriving tight end. 

Of all the signings in free agency in that little second wave, this might be one of my favorites." 

You can hear the entire interview with NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport on The Fan Morning Show, below.        

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