New Survey Says It Would Take Over $238k For A Fan To Ditch The Black And Gold

Does your fan loyalty have a price?

Andrew Limberg
January 29, 2020 - 12:03 pm
Pittsburgh Steelers fans wave terrible towels against the Buffalo Bills during the fourth quarter at Heinz Field.

© Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - How much is your loyalty to the Pittsburgh Steelers worth?

According to it would take over $238,000 for a diehard Steelers fan to start cheering for the Baltimore Ravens.

The recommendation website surveyed 500 Americans before the playoffs to find out how much money it would take for them to leave their favorite team and cheer for a hated rival.

While it would cost $238,487 for a Steelers fan to switch from black and gold to black and purple, it would only cost a Ravens fan $57,121 to wear Patriots colors (Their biggest rival according to the survey).

Ravens fans were ranked the 3rd least loyal fans behind Washington and Tennessee.

most/least popular

The Steelers were also ranked the 6th most popular team behind the New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots and the most popular Dallas Cowboys.

For the other teams in the AFC North, the Cincinnati Bengals are the second least popular team and the price of their fandom was “inconclusive”.

They also have a lot of rivals with the Steelers, Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings all being named.

The Cleveland Browns were ranked the 18th most popular team and it would cost the average fan $134,064 to wear black and gold.

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