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Huntington On The Pirates Pitching Strategy, Approaching The Trade Deadline

The Pirates GM also recaps the All-Star Week in Cleveland and gives an injury update on Kela, Taillon and Gonzalez

July 14, 2019 - 2:34 pm

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - On the first Neal Huntington Show after the All Star Break, the Pirates GM joins Greg Brown on 93.7 The Fan and the Pirates Radio Network to recap some of the moments for the Pirates All Stars and Prospects who were in Cleveland for all the festivities.

"Home Run hitting contest, that was one of the best in recent memory," said Huntington. "I don't think Josh Bell has anything to hang his head over, to lose to Acuna who had a great round, but the matchup of Pederson and Vlad Guerrero, Jr, one of the most special home run derby's I can ever remember."

Huntington also weigh's in on Will Craig's appearance in the Futures Game and how it may not have gone the way he pictured it by getting hit by a pitch in both of his plate appearances.  They also discuss the challenge of resting players versus not resting players post All Star Break who participated in All Star festivities.

The first two games out of the break did not go the way the Pirates wanted them to go as the bullpen faultered late in game one after they tied it late and Jordan Lyles failed to get out of the 1st inning Saturday afternoon in game two.

"Obviously, the tough loss in the first game after the break, great comeback, Chris Archer as good as we've seem him for six innings and then they put some runs on the board pretty quickly, put some base runners on, we couldn't keep the base runner's from scoring and Chris' line doesn't look nearly as good as he pitched and then lose the game late that's a challenging one," said Huntington.

"And then really even in yesterday's game and I get that 7 runs in the first inning completely changes the outcome of that game, but that's one inning. Seven innings we stayed right with them, they drubbed us once, we got them once pretty good."

It may not have been the start to the post-All Star Break that the Pirates have wanted, but they are still in this division and this upcoming stretch of games will determine a lot about how seriously they are in the NL Central race and the Wild Card race. 

Huntington also weighs in on Joe Maddon's comments on Pirates pitching inside against opposing batter's and the Pirates pitching strategy the rest of the season.

"I saw somewhere along the lines that the Cubs have actually thrown more pitches up and in at our hitters, than we've thrown up and in at there's, so Joe's facts aren't even correct on that," said Huntington. "We need to continue to pound the ball in, we don't want to throw at the head, that's not where we want to be and that pitch is a mistake. But in this day in age, not only do you have to throw in for strikes, you have to be able to in off the plate the same way you go out off the plate or down off the plate. And in this day in age it's more important than ever to be able to go up not only to the top of the strikezone, but above the top of the strikezone for swings and misses and to change eye levels."

Neal and Greg also discuss the Commissioner responding to comments from people saying the baseball's are juiced, look ahead to the Trade Deadline and what the Pirates are thinking about doing, some big injury updates, including on Starting Pitching Jameson Taillon and how nothing has been decided with Francisco Cervelli's position yet when he gets cleared to play.

Listen to the entire Neal Huntington Show below and the Neal Huntington Show is on the air an hour before first pitch every Sunday on 93.7 The Fan and the Pirates Radio Network.

Listen to the entire Neal Huntington Show below:

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