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Hurdle: "It's Always Important To Have A Winning Season"

With Last Night's 7-6 Victory Over Royals, The Pirates Matched Their 2017 Win Total

September 18, 2018 - 4:38 pm

PITTSBURGH (93.7 the Fan) - Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle weighed in on the importance of having a winning season prior to game 2 of their series with the Royals Tuesday.

"It's always important to have a winning season," said Hurdle.  "When things are taken off the table, winning the division is taken away.  We are trying to win every game we play while trying to improve our team daily."

Hurdle said they keep score for a reason because winning matters.

"Within the context of the clubhouse we probably talk about winning way more than you guess we talk about winning," said Hurdle.  "However, we don't need to get a shirt printed out that say's let's win or we need to win 82.  I think there's always a sense of winning more games than you losing when you get to that point where it's real, so it's real for us now.  We want to win more than 82 games, all of our focus is to win more game than we lose right now because of where we are."

Hear Clint Hurdle's full thoughts on the importance of a winning season and carrying it over into next season below:

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