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Hurdle Says Polanco Has Been Dealing With Hamstring Issue For Two Weeks

"he’s been being treated for his hamstrings for two weeks"

June 13, 2018 - 2:43 pm

ARIZONA (93.7 The Fan) - During Wednesday’s pregame before the series finale against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle told reporters right fielder Gregory Polanco has been being dealing with a hamstring injury and has been getting treatments for two weeks.

The statement came up after Hurdle was asked to give is take on a play where some questioned if Polanco hustled down to first after he hit a groundball to Arizona’s Paul Goldschmidt in the top of the 5th. Polanco was called out but got an RBI.

Hurdle said he was watching the ball and not the play.

“He ran a 4-6-8 down the line; he’s been being treated for his hamstrings for two weeks. . . I don’t think he wanted to push it from a health issue,” said Hurdle.

“For two straight weeks he’s been receiving treatment so it’s not like it’s gone away he’s trying to monitor it and stay in and play. Nobody complained about him running a triple out to third the other day so you look and what you’re going to pick and what you’re going to focus on,” said Hurdle.

Hurdle added he believes Polanco made the evaluation he was going to be out and didn’t want to push it and get injured further.

Hear Hurdle's comments below:

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