Hurdle: Improve And Don't Compare Yourselves To Any Other Team

Manager Clint Hurdle lays out the identity of the 2019 Pirates

The Fan Morning Show
March 07, 2019 - 10:59 am

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Clint Hurdle is gearing up for his 9th season as the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

He joined The Fan Morning Show on Thursday to discuss the 2019 version of the Bucs and what their identity is here early in Spring Training and beyond. 

"This team's identity and what each man has taken upon themselves individually and collectively is to be the best player he can be and the best teammate he can be that will put us in position to be the best team we can be, not comparing us to any other team," said Hurdle. "And not relying on any one aspect." 

Hurdle went through the different ways they can improve this season.

"Our baserunning needs to pick up, our overall athleticism defensively needs to pick up, middle innings pitching out of the bullpen needs to pick up, we've got starters in place we believe in, we've got a back end of the bullpen that's strong. However, the opportunity to score more runs is there. Our development on offense, our consistency on offense are questions we need to get put in play and find answers for in the spring and I believe we've got the personnel to do that. I believe these guys are connected."

"It's not about one thing, you need to have good pitching to win games and to win a bunch of games and win in the playoffs and win a World Series. We understand that. However, there are days your pitching might hiccup and you need to score those extra runs and that's an area that we've been probably challenged in in the past." 

Hurdle thinks the personnel and potential is there for every hitter to improve from last season and they all have specific areas in which they are working to improve. 

Hurdle also believes there are multiple players that have stepped into leadership roles over the past year and continue to mature as leaders heading into 2019.

As for the people that may doubt this team has enough to compete in the NL Central...

"When people don't believe in you I think that can be an added motivator," said Hurdle. "I know what they (the players) like is when they look around at each other and think, 'You know what, we've put this thing all together this is going to be pretty cool.' It's going to be hard. But it's going to be worth it. I think that's another thing they really value." 

"And they truly do want to do it for that name on the front. They want to do it in Pittsburgh." 

 You can hear the entire interview with Pirates manager Clint Hurdle on The Fan Morning Show below. 

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