Is It Time For A New Voice For The Pirates?

Are Clint Hurdle's messages still getting through?

Matt Koll
August 22, 2018 - 11:30 am

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Since ripping off 11 straight wins and having that streak end on July 25th with a loss to Cleveland, the Pirates are 10-15. They've lost seven of the last nine games, while mustering just seven runs over the last six games.

They've now fallen back under .500 at 63-64 on the year before play on Wednesday and are 6.5 games back of a Wild Card spot with five teams in front of them in the standings.

Colin Dunlap said on The Fan Morning Show Wednesday that he has reached the point in thinking there needs to be a new voice leading the Pirates. He says the Pirates play incredibly passive. They don't hit and run, they don't put anybody in motion, they don't try to manufacture runs.

It feels like the message is stale and it's time for a change. It looks like he is way too comfortable in this job. He hates to call for change when it means someone else's employment, but said, "Clint Hurdle is no longer an effective manager and leader for this baseball club."

It's the same lines for him that we've heard before. Now it has circled back two and three times through losing seasons and it's just old.

Jim Colony says there have been some fresh faces in the clubhouse recently with roster turnover, even moreso when Jordy Mercer and Josh Harrison are likely gone after this season. So, maybe a lot of these guys are hearing Hurdle's messages for the first time. Colin doesn't want to take that risk that they have maybe heard that same stale message that has traveled through the organization.

The fresh three year extension Hurdle signed also throws a wrench into things, as Jim says the Pirates won't want to pay someone not to work for three years even if they do feel it's time for a change.

Colin believes they need maybe a younger voice, like an Aaron Boone, Gabe Kapler or Alex Cora (all hired this past offseason) to lead the team and invigorate the roster again.

Do you agree?

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