It's Clint Hurdle's Favorite Day Of Spring Training

Pirates Go Through Their First Full-Squad Workout

Eric Hagman
February 18, 2019 - 2:28 pm

Eric Hagman 93.7 The Fan

Bradenton, FL (93.7 The Fan) - With team owner Bob Nutting and Hall of Famer Bill Mazeroski in attendance, Pirate City was buzzing with activity on all four of its main fields Monday.  It was the first full-squad workout of camp.

"It is my favorite day of the spring, by far," Clint Hurdle said following the three-hour session.  "You have to put plans in place, you have to have narrative throughout the winter...I want to make sure that when everything's said and done that more is done than said.  Now, we need to be intentional in the work. I don't need to be talking anymore.  I need to be watching, (the players) need to be working."

Hurdle was asked if there was anything newsworthy on day one.

"Everything is newsworthy, but I don't have anything surprising to share," he said.

Prior to to going outside, Hurdle addressed the team.  He told the players the importance of getting better every day and reiterated what's become the Pirates mantra.

"This team-first mentality is real," Hurdle said.  "We all have the same goal.  We talked about staying hungry and being hungry."

Hurdle moved from field to field, getting a first-hand look at as many players as possible, but scoffed at the suggestion that player groupings mean anything at this point in camp.  One such group had the shortstop candidates, Kevin Newman and Erik Gonzalez, working together.

Hurdle said he and his staff haven't formulated a plan for the games that begin on Saturday.  

"We planned up to the first day to make sure that everyone shows up," Hurdle said.  "We usually give it a couple of days to make sure everyone stays healthy.  We're talking to some of the veteran guys. Not everyone is going to crank it up and play right out of the gate." 

He summed up the day, saying "very good first day, all fun."

Hurdle said Nutting did not address the team.  The owner spent a portion of his time on the field chatting with players, including Josh Bell, Corey Dickerson, Francisco Cervelli, Gregory Polanco and Starling Marte.