Jason La Canfora: The Trade Market Will Be 'A Bit Of A Bonanza' For AB

CBS NFL insider says the on-field tape will trump the antics

Matt Koll
January 17, 2019 - 11:02 am
Antonio Brown TD catch

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- As each day passes and Antonio Brown posts to social media instead of communicating directly with the Steelers organization, a parting of ways seems more and more inevitable. 

Art Rooney II said yesterday that official trade talks have not yet begun with AB. But the natural question is...what can the Steelers get for him in a trade? With all the negative headlines he's made recently, what is the market going to look like once he is officially dangled out there?

CBS NFL insider Jason La Canfora joined The Fan Morning Show Thursday morning to discuss this very thing. 

"I think it will be active. I think you'll have a lot of teams calling and saying, 'We're in. We're interested, keep us posted.' I think it will start at that level and I think when you get to the combine, it's probably going to be whittled down to five to seven teams who you're maybe meeting with at the combine and really getting into the nitty gritty. Then I think it gets whittled down into the two or three that really seem to be in it and then the [Steelers] have a decision to make," said La Canfora.

From there, La Canfora expects the Steelers to do some evaluating and he says they will have plenty of options to consider. Which teams have the better draft picks? Who's including players in the deal that are young and cheap and maybe more valuable than draft picks? What conference do they play in? All of it will be there for them to sort through. 

But, how does what has happened recently with Brown impact things? 

"If we stop the clock at Week 16 of this season, and they just decide they're going to trade Antonio Brown...take out this latest going MIA thing or AWOL or whatever. What does he fetch?" 

"He's coming off another 100-yard season, it's 1,400 yards, it's 15 touchdowns, it's arguably the most productive six-year run of any wide receiver ever. He's in tremendous shape, he's a gamer. Yeah, he's got some stuff with him but so do a lot of high cailber wide receivers. And the contract is so team-friendly. I mean, it's pay-as-you-go. 13 [million] a year. No guarantees, nothing sticky, no balloon payments about to come up. It's easy from a cap standpoint, it's easy from a cash standpoint. You're going to have Amari Cooper making $17-18 million a year and you got Antonio locked in for three for $13 [milllion]."

"So, as much as we get carried away with what has happened there recently and understandably so, the reality is the tape hasn't changed. And you're only renting him. If you trade for him, whatever you give up, if it doesn't work out in a year you can trade that contract on."

"I think it's going to be a bit of a bonanza. I think they (the Steelers) are going to do well."     

You can hear the entire interview with CBS NFL insider Jason La Canfora on The Fan Morning Show below.         

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