Jeff Capel Is Ready To Win At Pitt

The Pitt men's basketball coach joined The Fan Morning show in studio

The Fan Morning Show
June 27, 2018 - 2:49 pm

Matt Koll

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - New Pitt  men’s basketball coach Jeff Capel joined The Fan Morning Show Wednesday and he says all the right pieces are at Pitt to win.

Capel says the ACC is the best conference in college basketball and that the players he is recruiting want to play against the best. He adds that he is casting a much wider net in recruiting than he did at Duke because he is putting in more effort to get the best players in the country.

“We’re going to try to recruit they best players that we can get and the players that we feel will fit the way that we want to play just knowing that it’s very different. Right away we’re probably not going to get the five star guy . . . but that’s probably the biggest difference our net will be cast a lot wider [recruiting] then what I was used to at the last seven years at Duke,” said Capel.

Malik Ellison was named the captain for the Panther’s earlier this week and Capel says he has created a great relationship with Ellison already and that he commands respect and has the leadership skills necessary to bring success to the team.

Capel says there isn't a particular offense he would like to run but it's going to be about ball movement and efficiency. He wants to create some chaos on defense. He likes versatile players and is a bigger believer in "position-less basketball" and thinks the only true position left is the point guard. Getting guys to know what it looks like to win is what's difficult.

“We have a lot to learn. Them having a lot to learn of my way and the way we want things done, me and my staff. And then me learning [about] them and what they’re capable of doing,” said Capel.

Capel also discusses the team-bonding trip he recently took with his players and that Washington D.C. was the perfect place for the theme of the trip, sacrifice and how the trip was beyond just playing basketball. It was about gaining perspective as to how lucky they are to be where they are

Capel felt the passion of the Pittsburgh sports fan right away when he came to town and that he felt the sense of being down about Pitt basketball as well and the hurt that came with it. He welcomes the passion but once he gets started, you have to turn it off.

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