Josh Bell's Agent On His Future In Pittsburgh And Archer's Pitching Identity

Pirates Insider Jason Mackey on his sit down with Scott Boras and Chris Archer

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July 09, 2019 - 3:47 pm

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Our Pirates insider Jason Mackey joined Andrew and Chris for his weekly segment. He recently sat down and talked to Scott Boras about Josh Bell as well as talking to Chris Archer about this season.

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Mackey opened up about the conclusion he took away from his conversation with Boras.

“I am not terribly optimistic that’s possible. He’s making the case that Josh Bell is a star player and the Pirates don’t have a history of signing a star player,” said Mackey.

Jason said that Boras doesn’t think that the Pirates will be able to match a contract offer another team offers Bell which is why he probably will not sign an extension.

“Boras indicated that he has a couple arbitration years left, neither side needs to act right now,” said Mackey.

Mackey indicated that Boras noticed the way the Pirates spend money. 

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“Boras said, the amount they’re making has not been proportionate for what they are spending, he was critical for how much revenue they have spent from 2003 to now,” said Mackey.

Andrew and Chris asked Jason if Archer knows what kind of pitcher he wants to be and if he going through a change as a pitcher.

“I don’t think he knows what kind of pitcher he is right now, he knows what pitcher he wants to be,” said Mackey.

Archer has been missing his spots way too many times and it has hurt him bad. His slider is very good but the fastball location has made it hard for him to be successful with the amount of home runs he has given up.

Andrew brought up to Jason how the Pirates should realize that the guys they have let go to other teams, (Cole, Morton, Glasnow) have all been very successful with their new teams while Archer coming to Pittsburgh and not being successful is a reflection on the Pirates.

Jason replied saying that the Pirates are not aware of this. Chris asked Jason how in the world are the Pirates not aware of how successful these pitchers have been after leaving the Pirates?

“If they had that realization right now Chris wouldn’t they be handling Chris Archer differently?”

Mackey also touched on his thoughts for the trade deadline and how from what Huntington said on his show Sunday, he doesn’t think any moves are happening.

“I don’t see them subtracting from this team. I don’t think Huntington is going to make anything substantial,” said Mackey.

Listen to the whole segment down below.

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