Dobbs First NFL Pass Key

QB Completion leads to scoring drive

Jeff Hathhorn
November 05, 2018 - 12:24 am

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

BALTIMORE (93.7 the Fan) – It was his first NFL pass, playing at your heated rival, facing a second and 20, from your own end zone.  And Josh Dobbs nailed it.  Throwing a 22-yard strike to give the Steelers a first down, leading to a field goal and eventually a 23-16 win.

“It’s awesome to see that confidence from the coaching staff and the players around you,” Dobbs said of going in.  “It just goes to show if you continue to put in the work, the preparation and the practice that in the game it comes to fruition.  It was one play, but you want to make the most of the opportunity.”

Dobbs said when he saw Roethlisberger go down, he wasn’t sure how long he would play so he approached it as he needed to come up big to give the team the win.

The second year quarterback believed Roethlisberger milked it a little to give him time to warm up.

“Josh is uniquely mature as an individual, not just as a football player,” said head coach Mike Tomiln.  “He’s 'Steady Eddie'.  We have a great deal of confidence in him.”

So much so, the coaching staff called the pass.

“That’s not easy for a starter or a guy who’s been in the league for a long time in his own end zone,” Roethlisberger said.  “I didn’t know the play, I expected a run.”

“No we weren’t surprised at the call,” said tailback James Conner.  “Josh is a great player and he can perform under pressure.  It was a big moment for him.  He dropped back, delivered a good ball.  He’s capable.  He’s a big-time football player.”

“I practice against Dobbs every day,” said safety Sean Davis.  “He’s a good player and for him to come in with that pressure, 2nd and 20 backed up, and to make that throw, it was crazy.  Kudos to him, but I’ve seen him make plays before so I wasn’t too surprised.  Ok, just a little bit surprised.”

“He’s the scout team quarterback,” said linebacker Bud Dupree.  “He threads us every day (at practice).  We admire Dobbs so much as a player and the person that he is, every time we see him do it in practice, we expect him to do it in a game.  When he gets in a game, it’s like our little brother getting in a game.  Everyone is happy, when he comes to the sidelines, everyone is excited.”

“I almost left Josh in after that play,”  Roethlisberger joked.

“You can’t take anything away from Josh,” Roethlisberger added.  “Josh prepares every day, every week like he’s the starter.  And that’s what you ask from a backup, a guy that can go in there at any time, at a moment’s notice and make a play.  And not just come in and hand the ball off, we expect him to make that big play.  And that was a huge play he made.”

“Man that guy was challenged in a big way to earn that job that he has or that role that he has for us,” Tomlin said.  “He has never blinked at any point in the process, even when it was seemingly stacked against him and because of that we have a great deal of confidence in him.  He confirmed it with his play.”

“It was fun because we saw the way he performed in the fourth preseason game,” said tackle Alejandro Villanueva.  “We know that he’s a player that performs very well under pressure.  It was cool to see him perform under pressure.  It’s huge, huge, huge, huge, it’s tremendous.”

“It was fun,” Dobbs said.  “It feels like it was a while since I was in there.  I was trying to take it all in and enjoy it    It was fun to be out there even though it was really short, it was quick, it was like a blur, but it was fun to be out there.”