Harrison Says It Was Inevitable He Would Be Wearing Another Uniform

Former Pirate stays in contact with old teammates

Jeff Hathhorn
March 16, 2019 - 1:49 pm

93.7 the Fan

LAKELAND, FL (93.7 the Fan) – It took until February 23 for two-time All-Star Josh Harrison to find a job, but now the former Pirates do-it-all player is says he’s excited for a fresh start with Detroit.

“It’s tough, especially when you know what you deserve,” Harrison said of waiting until Spring Training started to finally get a one year, two million dollar deal.  “A lot of guys out there deserve some opportunity.  But there are some things going on right now that are unexplainable.  For me, not anything to feel sorry for myself about, I knew wherever I was, I would be healthy.”

Harrison started at second base for the Tigers against the Bucs on Saturday and was promptly hit by a Chris Archer pitch to lead off the bottom of the first.   That seemed fitting, because Harrison was hit 54 times as a Pirate, including 23 times in 2017.  Harrison would also go on to score two runs against the Pirates, fitting because he scored 363 runs during his eight year Pittsburgh career.  He would steal a base, he did that 75 times.  Harrison would drive in a run, he did that 269 times as a Pirate.

“I was excited for a fresh start for me and my family,” Harrison said.  “Pittsburgh was good to us, close to home.  We knew at some point it was inevitable that I would be wearing a different uniform.  Knowing that, at the end of the day, life is what it is.  You gotta take it and role with it.”

The now 31 year-old Harrison said he gained most of his relationships in baseball with the Pirates.  Saying they will have friendships for a lifetime.

“Our job is to keep pushing and further our careers and take care of what we have to,” Harrison said.  “Outside of us not playing together any more, we still keep in contact.  A lot of us were able to be there when we turned things around & that’s something that we will always be able to have as a memory.”

The Cincinnati native said of what he tells his old teammates when he sees them.

“Just tell them good luck, don’t hit the ball to me.”