Joshua Dobbs Gets It

Steelers QB competing to stay on roster

Jeff Hathhorn
May 30, 2018 - 10:55 am
Dobbs w Randy Fichtner

93.7 the Fan

PITTSBURGH (93.7 the Fan) - Every so often in sports or society you meet someone who restores your faith.

Instead of moaning or complaining about the Steelers drafting a quarterback, the man whose job is likely on the line, is philosophical, yet determined.  Second year Steeler Josh Dobbs told 93.7 the Fan during voluntary practices about the drafting of Mason Rudolph.

“That’s how football works,” Dobbs said.  “In college they are always recruiting the next quarterback or scouting the next quarterback.”

Who says that?

“He continues to build the confidence in the room,” Dobbs added.  “It’s cool to add a guy.  I remember being that rookie last year.  I’m trying to push him in the right direction, but also compete each day and get better.”

Dobbs said he was excited for Rudolph, saying he’s known him through Elite 11 camps and different circuits.

“My entire career I’ve always had to compete and never given anything, so I wouldn’t expect that to change on this stage,” Dobbs said.  “Compete every day, show up to work and continue to do what I am doing and grow my skills and prove the type of quarterback I am.”

The University of Tennessee 4.0 student does believe he was able to build some credibility last year during practices and pre-season games.  The 6’3, 215 pounder says he brings a serious approach to every snap of every off-season practice.

“The league is all about competition,” Dobbs said.  “When something is the same year-in and year-out, you kind of get lulled to sleep with that comfort level.  But when there is constant competition and the coaches are pushing you to compete, bringing in new guys pushing you to compete, then that keeps you sharp every day.  You show up to work ready to go and approach the day at a professional level.”

So Dobbs goes from being the next potential starter, to providing information and inside tips to the next potential starting quarterback.

“It’s crazy how it works,” Dobbs said.  “That’s just the cycle of football.  When you have great mentors, it’s your job now to give back and become a good mentor to the younger guys.  That’s my goal and that’s what I will try to do moving forward.”

Who says that?