Kang's Return Should Be Embraced

Kang can give the Pirates a better chance to win than Sean Rodriguez or Max Moroff or Adam Frazier

Jeff Hathhorn
June 07, 2018 - 2:11 pm
Jung Ho Kang

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back Jung Ho!

It could be a matter of days now before Jung Ho Kang returns to the Pirates roster and that’s where he should be.

What Kang did with his three DUIs is abhorrent, but all major league sports are about winning and Kang can give the Pirates a better chance to win than Sean Rodriguez or Max Moroff or Adam Frazier.  He provides what they lack—power.

The Pirates shouldn’t be condemned rather complimented for what they are doing with Kang.  How many rip this franchise for a lack of doing what is needed to win, and most justified.  That’s what this move is, trying to improve the club.  If you like a kind-hearted story line, than what if Kang is an example of how you can turn your life around.

Of course Pirates management knows what he did and doesn’t approve, but they are doing what sports teams do, try to win!

Do you look differently at the Rooneys for employing dog-killer Michael Vick?  How about the continued loyality to James Harrison?   Only getting rid of him unceremoniously because of a perceived lack of skill, not because of abuse allegations.  They stood by Harrison, why?  Because he gave them the best chance to win.

You want only nice guys with a perfect record on your team, than petition the Steelers to start Landry Jones at quarterback.  No one in that clubhouse has a bad thing to say about him, so will you be good with the Steelers making that move?

No nicer guys in hockey than Ian Cole and Ben Lovejoy, should the Pens make them their top defensive pairing and give them long-term contracts because they are nice?

Few have a bad thing to say about reliever Josh Smoker, should he be the Pirates closer?  Should he be guaranteed a spot on the roster, because he’s a good guy?

Professional sports are about winning, period. 

In an ideal world, morals would be valued, but they are just a side story when it’s paired with talent. 

This is the real world, if you’ve looked out the window, it’s not fair.  It’s cutthroat, bad people in sports get advantages and promotions and millions of dollars, because fans want a winner. 

I don’t approve of what Jung-Ho Kang has done and think he’s a spoiled athlete who thought he could do whatever he wanted.  However, the Pirates are likely a better team with him on it. 

Welcome back Jung-Ho.

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