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Kramer: "It's Been A Great Year And It's Not Over"

The Pirates Infielder Looks To Learn As Much As He Can From Veteran Players And Coaches Over Final Month Of Regular Season

September 04, 2018 - 9:28 pm

(PITTSBURGH - 93.7 The Fan) - Pirates Infielder Kevin Kramer's 2017 season in the minors ended early due to a hand injury and after a strong showing in AAA with Indianapolis this season, he got the call up to the Pirates for the month of September.

"(I found out) After yesterday's game in Louisville finishing up the AAA season," said Kramer.  "Manager Brian Esposito called me in the office and said this is something we've talked about all year long and this was my challenge to you and you are finally getting the chance to go up there and join the big league team."

Kramer talked about getting to join his teammates from Indianapolis who got the call up to Pittsburgh prior to him this season and whether or not it was tough watching them get the call up before him.

"First and foremost you're just so happy for those guys, they get to achieve a life long dream and even if I didn't get called up I would still have the same mindset," said Kramer.  "Pablo Reyes has been an awesome teammate for the past 4 years and Kevin Newman was obviously my first roommate in pro ball.  Obviously, I was just super stoked for them, happy they get to achieve that dream and be up here.  From a personal standpoint, I'm very blessed to be here and grateful for the opportunity."

After the injury ended his season early last year, Kramer talked about getting to play a full minor league season and building on what he did before the injury last season.

"It's been a great year and it's not over," said Kramer.  "I've made adjustments throughout the season and I'm going to continue to make those adjustments.  Obviously, this is the best league in the world and I'm going to come up here and do what I do and make adjustments when necessary and continue to learn and grow."

Kramer has played mainly second base, but also played a little more at third base this season with Indianapolis.

"I got back to third base for the first time in quite awhile, I played there in college for a couple years, but it's different," said Kramer.  "I felt good over there (at third), I played there probably for two months and then I haven't played there since early August trying to get back to focusing on 2nd base."

Kramer continued, "I liked it, it was kind of nice because it was a little bit of a refresher, you kind of go over there and just be an athlete and react.  That's how I feel about all 3 infield positions, obviously I haven't played first base yet, but I'm not ruling that out anytime."

Kramer talked about being able to seperate what he does at the plate from what he does in the field during a game.

"I pride myself on not having that transition being tough at all," said Kramer.  "For me going out to third base was like alright I can't worry about the bat. But, it's something I feel like I don't do very often and it's something that has been bred into me since I've been a young kid.  When you're on defense, be on defense."

Kramer also discusses his approach at the plate that led to his consistency during a very successful season in Indianpolis and also how he is looking to help this team in whatever way they need him too over the final month of the regular season.

Listen to Kevin Kramers entire conversation with the media prior to the game Tuesday below:


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