Making Missed Penalty Calls Reviewable: Good or Bad Idea?

A debate on how much influence replay should have in football

Matt Koll
January 22, 2019 - 11:25 am
Missed pass interference call

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports


PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- As part of the fallout of the missed pass interference call in the NFC Championship Game that could have set the New Orleans Saints up for victory instead of allowing the LA Rams to advance to the Super Bowl, Saints owner Gayle Benson spoke out against the league yesterday. 

She blasted the NFL for the non-call, saying this as part of her statement: 

"No team should ever be denied the opportunity to reach the title game (or simply win a game) based on the actions, or inactions, of those charged with creating a fair and equitable playing field. As is clear to all who watched the game, it is undeniable that our team and fans were unfairly deprived of that opportunity yesterday. I have been in touch with the NFL regarding yesterday’s events and will aggressively pursue changes in NFL policies to ensure no team and fan base is ever put in a similar position again." 

So should missed penalty calls be reviewable? 

The Fan Morning Show debated this today and Colin Dunlap called this a "can of worms" that we should be careful of whether we want to open. Once you start reviewing judgment calls like pass interference, where do you draw the line? What else can be reviewed? Are we going to have to look at holding calls in the 2nd quarter that may have been missed that could have had an impact on the outcome? 

He concluded this on Twitter after the discussion...

One caller said that coaches should be able to challenge a non-call and be charged a timeout if the call is not overturned. Another said that if the technology is there and they still can't get it right, then do away with replay for good.

What are your thoughts? 

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