With Marte's Injury Status Uncertain, Polanco's Inflexibility Becomes A Problem

Pirates are not left with much in CF

The Fan Morning Show
May 17, 2018 - 11:03 am
Gregory Polanco

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


When Gregory Polanco was rocketing through the Pirates minor league system, he consistently played center field. But as time has passed and Polanco's defensive inconsistencies have come to light, he has remained planted in right field with no signs of moving.

With Starling Marte going down with what he says is an oblique injury, the Pirates are now left with utility men Sean Rodriguez or Adam Frazier to fill that ultra-important spot in the outfield. The Fan Morning Show reviewed this situation on Thursday and said that center is probably the Bucs worst position defensively in terms of depth. There is just no natural centerfielder behind Marte on this current roster.

Now the Pirates are left with Rodriguez, who has been a light hitter this year sporting a .171 batting average before the start of play Thursday and Adam Frazier, who the guys said just isn't good enough with the glove to play centerfield.

MLB.com Pirates writer Adam Berry joined the show to talk about this situation as well.

 "I remember even asking [Hurdle] back in Spring Training, 'hey, if something were to happen to Marte, would you consider moving Gregory over to center' because he always was the third back-up centerfielder when it was Cutch, Marte, Polanco," said Berry. "But no, the answer is they're not going to move Polanco over to center field so yeah, that does put them in a bind. It basically makes it where if he is going to be out an extended period of time, you're not going to call up somebody? I don't know if Austin Meadows is ready based on the way he's hitting in AAA, but you're looking at Sean Rodriguez and Adam Frazier as your centerfielders."

"The problem is your back-up centerfielder is also your starting second baseman right now in Adam Frazier. So it's basically Sean Rodriguez or bust unless you're going to call up somebody."

By the way, entering play Thursday, Austin Meadows is hitting .281 with 1 HR and 15 RBI with a .706 OPS in just over 120 at-bats for AAA Indianapolis. 

A real pickle for the Pirates. You can check out the entire interview with MLB.com's Adam Berry with The Fan Morning Show below. 



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