Matt Cullen Gets More Excited Now Than He Did As A Younger Player

The Pens Veteran Says He Appreciates How Hard It Is To Get To This Point

Kraig Riley
April 09, 2019 - 5:25 pm
Credit Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports.jpg

Credit Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports.jpg

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) - You'd think after 21 seasons in the NHL, the start of another playoff season would just feel routine at this point.

But to hear Pens forward Matt Cullen say it, the excitement is actually greater than it ever has been.

"It may sound funny, but I think it means more now," Cullen said.  "I probably get more excited now than when I was starting out just because I didn't really know how special it his and how great it can be on the other side if you're able to come out on top."

Cullen went on to add that it all just has a different feel this time of year.

"There's something different about once you hit playoff time, there's a new energy.  I know for me, I just feel like refreshed and revitalized and just kind of like so excited to get going.  There's nothing like it."

We wrap things up with the Pens veteran asking him if he has seen the video being passed around by the Pens titled "Matt Cullen Hilariously Chirps Sidney Crosby At Practice."

Matt said he hasn't seen it but joked that "I have given him a hard time here and there, and he does to me too.  I think that's a stretch to say that anything that I would be saying was hilarious."

Click the audio below to hear more from Cullen as he gears up for potentially another deep Cup run.

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