MLB Network's Ripken: No Easy Answer For Polanco's Struggles

Bill Ripken talks Polanco, Rodriguez slumps and what they are going through

The Fan Morning Show
June 07, 2018 - 10:58 am
Gregory Polanco

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- MLB Network analyst Bill Ripken joined The Fan Morning Show on Thursday ahead of the Pirates 12:35 matchup with the Dodgers.

Ripken was asked about Gregory Polanco's poor play of late and what the fix may be for him to finally figure things out for good. He said it's just not that easy to solve and he even compared him to a former Pirate. 

"Sometimes it takes [a player] a few years to figure it out," said Ripken. "There's not a magic fix in my mind. We sit up here at the network and we're asked to break this down, break that down and mechanically it's very hard to do [with Polanco]. What I believe you have out of Polanco is that's his swing. It's been his swing since he's been a young man. He's always had some form of success with that swing, so it could be a little thing that gets into his mindset and triggers him into a different direction."

"Go back and look at yesteryear of Jose Baustista. How many years was it before he figured something out where he got to home plate and he was a definite threat day in and day out? Quite a few. Not everybody is the Mike Trout's of this world that jumps into the big leagues at 19 and goes in there and rakes. Sometimes you need to keep enough performance going because I think we all believe the potential is there for that to happen and it might be one of those cases where one day he wakes up, something clicks, he goes 3-for-5 with a big fly and never looks back." 

Ripken also talked about Sean Rodriguez's struggles and how when you are in a slump, there are a lot things that go on in your head not only put there by you, but things that other people have put in your head by trying to help you out. 

"The thing about a slump is, let's face it, you could go anywhere, first of all you go home and your wife says, 'man your hands look different,' then you go get a sandwich and the deli guy says, 'man it looks like your stepping in the bucket.' Everybody tries to do the right thing by you and everybody wants to help," said Ripken. "Sometimes there are more voices than that from the outside coming in. So I think the best bet would be you've got to find [just] one. And it could be Clint Hurdle. It could be Sean Rodriguez going to Clint Hurdle and saying, 'hey dude, let's go get some quiet time down in the cages just me and you,' and Clint can shed some words of wisdom."

Ripken also made that point that sometimes there is too much information in baseball and guys need to pull back from looking at all the projections and the numbers in order to play well. 

He also said that the Cubs-Pirates beef is likely over and that he had no problem with what Joe Musgrove did to send a message back to the Cubs. He thinks guys like Rizzo, Josh Harrison and Justin Turner are asking to get hit in the hands though because their hands are "dead on the dish."    

You can hear the interview with MLB Network's Bill Ripken on The Fan Morning Show below.




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