Is one game or a multi-game series better for the Wild Card?

Players are open to a Wild Card Series

Matt Koll
July 18, 2018 - 12:18 pm
MLB Wild Card Game crowd

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Besides the Home Run Derby and the actual game the next day, the MLB All-Star break also brings with it thoughts from the league's commissioner Rob Manfred on the state of the game and where things might be headed.

Manfred spoke about many things while making his rounds with the media in Washington D.C. this year and one was whether the Wild Card game in both leagues should continue to be just one game or turn into a multi-game series, particularly a best-of-three. 

Players' union head Tony Clark spoke about it saying, "Having series is always better ... for a player in a lot of ways than a one-game playoff." Meanwhile, Manfred stated that divisional races, say between the Red Sox and Yankees, are a lot more compelling because both teams want to win the division to avoid that one-game wild card. A vote for the one-gamer you would think. 

The Fan Morning Show with Colin Dunlap and Jim Colony discussed this today and made it the topic of the daily Twitter poll that runs throughout the show and into the next day. 

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While just over 60% of voters (upon last check) said they would prefer a three-game series, Colin disagrees. He said that the 2013 Wild Card Game between the Pirates and Reds at PNC Park was the best sporting event he has ever seen atmospherically and he would hate to see the drama of a one-game playoff go away. He says the one-game scenario created incredible interest and you are far more likely to tune in for an elimination game than for a game that doesn't have season-ending implications. Jim agreed. 

The argument on the other side is that of which many Pirates fans have unfortunately felt since that 2013 Wild Card Game win over Cincinnati. The season shouldn't come down to one game. In 2015, the Pirates won 98 games and lost the NL Central division by just two games resulting in that Wild Card Game loss to the Cubs. The Pirates would have won every other division in the National League, yet their season was cut down to just one game after all they had achieved. There is no other time in MLB where there isn't a series of games played between two teams, even in the regular season. 

Tony Clark said himself that the hang-ups for a three-game series would include a schedule that would stretch from late March to early November and division winners not wanting to have three or four off days before the playoffs.

What do you think MLB should do? 

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