Musgrove Makes It Clear: There Was An Issue With The Rizzo Slide

The Pirates pitcher lets the world know he has Diaz's back

The Fan Morning Show
May 31, 2018 - 11:43 am
Musgrove and Baez

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Despite giving up that one run on seven hits with four walks, Joe Musgrove had a perfect night at PNC Park on Wednesday.

For a team desperate for a win to halt a losing streak and a fan base itching for retribution of a controversial slide, Musgrove delivered by pitching seven brilliant innings, winning the game and sliding hard into second base making contact with the Cubs' Javier Baez to break up a double play. He delivered even more-so with his comments after the game about the slide.

"They took a shot at our catcher when [Elias Diaz] had his back to [Anthony Rizzo] and he was unable to defend himself, and we thought that was wrong," said Musgrove. He brought that into the conversation willingly when asked what happened. 

Colin Dunlap and Jeff Hathhorn on today's Fan Morning Show said that by doing this, Musgrove made it clear to the world that he was not happy with the Rizzo slide and was standing up for his teammate Elias Diaz. This wasn't just your standard "hard baseball play." There was extra meaning. We could have been left speculating that there was extra intent behind it, but Musgrove connected those dots for us, endearing himself even more to the Bucco fan base that called in all morning to praise him. Many comparisions were made to Gerrit Cole and A.J. Burnett for the kind of fire Musgrove showed.

Jeff said that you can only hope this mentality spreads to the rest of the team. 

And don't think Musgrove didn't hear the comments of Cubs manager Joe Maddon about the Rizzo slide, when Maddon questioned the technique of Diaz multiple times for his ability to get himself out of the way of the Rizzo slide.

Musgrove said postgame,"You blindside our catcher when he has no chance to defend himself, I thought he had cleared a lane (in which to slide into the plate)." 

Well done, Joe. In many ways...well done. 


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