Narduzzi Confirms No Pickett INTs

Head coach said sophomore QB ‘doesn’t make bad decisions’

Jeff Hathhorn
August 15, 2018 - 11:27 am

93.7 the Fan

SOUTH SIDE (93.7 the Fan) - On Tuesday, Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett said he hadn’t thrown an interception yet during training camp, which began August 3rd.  While met with a skeptical response by some, head coach Pat Narduzzi backed him up.

“That’s a fact,” Narduzzi said as he looked for some wood to knock on.

 “Kenny has been really good,” Narduzzi said.  “He’s sharp.  He doesn’t make bad decisions.  He scrambles with the ball when he needs to.  He’s got a great pocket presence, as good as I’ve seen, just knowing when to get out of there and not throw it. ”

The last seen interception, at least by our eyes, was in the Spring Game and Narduzzi said that wasn’t even his fault.  Pickett has thrown one interception in the four college games he’s played in and that was at Virginia Tech on November 18.  A fourth quarter pick on 3rd and 8 with the Panthers up one and the Hokies turned that into what became the game-winning touchdown.

“If we’re plus one, plus two, plus three in the turnover margin we are 88% win,” Narduzzi said.  “Turnovers are critical and Kenny knows that.  I think it’s a great job by our offense with him being smart at the helm there.”

Narduzzi said it’s not a lack of performance by their defense, noting they are getting picks from the other quarterbacks.

"He's doing his job back there, he's getting better each and every day," said defensive back Dane Jackson.  "By the time are coming out of our breaks, that's why our coaches have been trying to emphasize get our eyes to the man because the ball is already there.  If we don't get our eyes to the man, we lose that split second and as strong as his arm is the ball is already there."

“Just ask me that again in December (Narduzzi said of Pickett’s interceptions), and I’ll be happy.”