NBC Sports' Peter King: On Antonio Brown: 'He's An Incendiary Device'

King doesn't expect a quick decision to be made on trading Brown

Matt Koll
January 09, 2019 - 11:32 am
Steelers WR Antonio Brown in 2018

Josh Rowntree - 93.7 The Fan

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- NBC Sports NFL writer and analyst Peter King has been covering the league for many, many years and normally has a great pulse on the happenings around the NFL. 

King joined The Fan Morning Show on Wednesday to talk about the Steelers current situation with apparently disgruntled receiver Antonio Brown. He says that given the Steelers nature, don't expect a decison to be made quickly on whether the organization will part ways with him.

"It doesn't make any sense to go fast on this," said King. "I've heard that Antonio Brown does not want to be traded and that he wants to play in Pittsburgh and he wants to try to win a Super Bowl there. I mean, he's got a funny way of showing it sometimes." 

"There's no rush. There's nine weeks until the beginning of the league year. So, there's no reason why they have to hurry and make a decision right now which would be a decision made out of weakness and made out of vulnerability. So, if you ask me my gut feeling, my gut feeling is that they'll listen to offers and if they get a good one they'll trade him. But I think that time is the Steelers friend right now." 

King cautioned that if Brown were to be traded, he doesn't know the grass would be greener for him and doesn't know if he could make it work with other teams.

"In my opinion, if I were him, I would want to work this out to stay. How do you know what happens if he gets traded to the New York Jets, if he becomes this generation's Santonio Holmes? And he's got a frustrating first eight weeks with Sam Darnold and they can't totally get on the same page? I mean, he's an incendiary device. So, how does he even know that that's going to work? At the very least, Ben Roethlisberger knows Antonio Brown. Knows how he plays, he knows where to put the ball for him, all of those things." 

King, like many others, says this is a time where Art Rooney II needs to make his voice heard in reining in the Antonio Brown drama.  

"This is a time where I think we all feel like Dan Rooney would have done something decisive in this case and basically let it be known to Tomlin that this stuff has to change and it has to change right now. There seems to be so much turmoil now around this team and it's got to stop. I think if Art Rooney needs to get involved, it strikes me that this is the time where he needs to get involved and he needs to get involved in a major way." 

King also made headlines recently for his decision to leave Brown off his All-Pro voting list, replacing him instead with New Orleans Saints receiver Michael Thomas. He addressed what all went into that decision with us.

"I will vote for Antonio Brown again at some point in the future, I'm sure that I will. He's a great football player. But I don't think when you don't show up for practices the week of a playoff implication game that you deserve to be on an All-Pro team. Period. That's not negotiable as far as I'm concerned." 

You can hear the entire interview with NBC Sports' Peter King on The Fan Morning Show below.     

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