New GM Cherington: The Better We Do On The Field, The More Likely Payroll Moves In 'Positive Direction'

Cherington understands fan frustration over payroll, budget

The Fan Morning Show
November 19, 2019 - 11:09 am
Ben Cherington

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- New Pirates general manager Ben Cherington was officially announced by the team yesterday at a news conference at PNC Park. 

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Cherington took time out of his first day on the job to join The Fan Morning Show Tuesday to further discuss his plan in leading the baseball operations of the franchise. He expanded on his thoughts about payroll and the overall budget to work with here in Pittsburgh. He wouldn't commit to a set number of what that will be, though.  

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"There's no set number. I have a pretty clear understanding of the total budget available for baseball operations, including the Major League team payroll. As I said yesterday, I feel really good about the resources that are available for baseball and I'm certainly confident that that's at a level that we can build a winning team.

This is really the case for most teams, there is rarely a set number. You have a range of where you know you're going to be operating. The range is advantageous because it allows you to be opportunistic if things come up." 

Cherington says that he understands frustrations from fans and observers about the payroll and where it has landed in the past. 

"Pirates fans are great fans and they're passionate. When you have passionate people, if there are things that aren't going as well, whether that's on the field or wherever, there's going to be frustration that comes from that. Perhaps the level of investment or spending could be something that fans would look at. I would certainly understand that. I was a fan way before I was an executive so I know what it feels like to root for a team. 

I think that payrolls can move over time and the better we do on the field, likely that helps put us in position for that to move in a positive direction. I think that's consistent [with other teams] where payrolls are not static over time, they tend to go up the better the team does. That's our focus here is pursuing winning and doing everything we can to build a winning team. We certainly hope and expect that that would be a key driver of the overall Pirates revenue over time and I'm very confident that as that happens there will be a real and significant investment on the baseball side, there already is. And enough to win." 

You can hear the entire interview with Pirates general manager Ben Cherington, including his thoughts on player development, improving the pitching staff and the search for a manager, below.    

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