Ben Roethlisberger Has Not Spoken To Bell, Was Hopeful He Would Have Shown Up On Monday

Ben Says The Team Is Preparing With Who They Have, Hes Hopeful But Not Certain Bell Will Show Up On Wednesday

Kraig Riley
September 04, 2018 - 11:12 am
Ben Roethlisberger And Le'Veon Bell

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) - Week one of the NFL season and the Steelers already find themselves in the middle of drama as Le'Veon Bell hasn't shown up yet, and to hear his quarterback say it, Bell's keeping his distance.

"He hasn't been there, so like a lot of guys have said, we have to focus on the 53 that are there and getting ready for Cleveland, and that's what we're doing right now."

Despite not being there, you'd think Bell would still be in contact with his quarterback.  But that's not the case.

"I don't think many people have" talked with Bell.  "I know some coaches have tried to reach out.  Players have tried to reach out and I think he's just kind of kept his quiet and his distance.  I don't know too many guys that have heard from him."

Maurkice Pouncey said on Monday that he believes Bell will show up on Wednesday and Ben said he obviously doesn't have any information from Bell to back that up, but he's hopeful that's true since that's the first day of them installing their gameplan for the Browns.

"I have no rhyme or reason for my thinking other than it's kind of Wednesday, and it's kind of technically the first day of installation and prep week even though we started it yesterday.  I would expect him here come tomorrow, but like I said, there is no reason I'm saying that."

If Bell doesn't show up for week one or doesn't show up in time to play week one, Ben seems comfortable with James Conner being his lead back.

"I've watched James really grow in a lot of areas, we all know what James can do running the ball...whether he's worked on it or not, his hands have gottena  lot better since last year.  He's catching a lot of passes and tough passes."

Bell not being there yet isn't the only surprise as Ben's top backup Landry Jones was cut over the weekend in what was a move many didn't expect the team to make.  You can add Ben to the group of people who were surprised as well.

"It definitely was kind of shocking, but I guess I understand why they did it in terms of business-wise."  Ben added that Jones was a trusted set of eyes for him on the sideline that he trusted and relied on at times for information.

Speaking of quarterbacks, there has been lots of talk this offseason about the new lowering of the helmet rules and you'd think nobody would love rules protecting players than quarterbacks.

"I love when they protect the quarterbacks," Ben said, but added he was watching a preseason game where it was called and admits it probably sounds like blasphemy coming from him, but he was shocked at the types of calls they're making now."

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