Cook And Joe: Where Have The Kids Gone?

Cook and Joe Show

Joe Kapp
July 18, 2019 - 3:37 pm

Where have all of the kids gone?


Cook and Joe get into a discussion with Jim Colony after his update on how kids are spending their summer and how they no longer play sports or go outside.


The guys talked about how they would be outside all day and dread the time they got called home or that it was raining….so why are things so different these days?


Why are there so many open fields and open courts? Do kids play outside anymore?


“Things are different,” Cook said. ‘I was everywhere…now you don’t let your kid out of your sight.”


Starkey says he might be an old man sounding like he is yelling at that clouds but he finds real issues with this.


“It feels like It’s not good that kids don’t organize their own games. Starkey said. “It feels like it’s not good.”


Jim Colony agrees and says that he was outside all day and never looked forward to having to go home.


“Being outside used to be a punishment” Colony said.


The guys just can’t understand how the kids no longer get outside and play games without adult supervision. It seems as though they can’t socialize anymore.

It's a topic that has created quitre a response

Is it really all about video games or as one caller suggests that we used to go outside becase we didn't have air conditioning? Would we have stayed in and played video games all day if he had them then?\