Derek Shelton: "We're Going To Have To Be Willing To Make Sacrifices"

Cook and Joe Show

Joe Kapp
May 20, 2020 - 4:16 pm
Derek Shelton with umpires

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) -- We are still waiting to hear when, and if, the Major League Baseball season will begin.

What we do have, for now, is the proposal for the return to play and the 67 page safety operation manual that suggests such things as no more high fives, no showers at the ballpark, no spitting and so much more. 

That is something Pirates Manager Derek Shelton said is a work in progress when he joined The Cook and Joe Show in his weekly spot on Wednesday. 

“I think that’s a working draft,” Shelton told the guys. “The fact that we are starting to talk about actual baseball stuff is the most exciting thing and, I think, once we get this proposal in people’s hands and people are able to talk back and forth about it, I think we’ll probably come to something that’s more workable for everyone.” 

Shelton says it will be a challenge but one that he accepts as long as it means they get back on the field, except one part might bug him just a bit.

“I think the shower thing is something that we’re definitely going to have to work through, “ Shelton said. “Because if we get on a flight to go to Chicago I’m kind of hoping guys shower.”

He does say it reminds him of being back in little league where players would show up at the park ready to play. While he likes thinking back to those times, he joked he won’t go as far as making the lineup based on the first 9 kids who show up ready to go.

But seriously, Shelton knows that there will need to be adjustments made by every single player and coach on how they adjust from the daily routines they are used to. He also knows there will be issues with trying to communicate as coaches with social distancing guidelines, but he will be happy to have the game back no matter what adjustments need to be made. 

“I just think that for us to get back to the game we’re going to have to be willing to make sacrifices,”  Shelton added. "We have to make sure that, at the end of it, that we realize the good of the game is the most Important thing and we’re going to have to adapt and adjust. It’s going to be an adjustment, It’s going to be challenge…I think at the end of the day playing baseball is more important than all of that stuff.” 

He admits that when they get back on the field for Spring Training 2.0, as he called it, there will be work done, not only for getting up to speed for play, but also work done on understanding the guidelines that have been laid out so they can return to play.

Shelton tells the guys that he and the staff continue to talk through calls, texts and Zoom. He says these calls will ramp up as they get the idea of when they will resume.

We all hope that is sooner than later.


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