Former Pirates OF Mike Easler On The "Family" Reunion

Cook and Joe Show

Joe Kapp
July 19, 2019 - 2:52 pm

Pittsburgh Pirates

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - It's hard to believe that it's been 40 years since the Pirates beat the Baltimore Orioles to win their last World Series but it has.

That team was a tight group..."A Family" and members of the team are back this weekend to honor the 1979 World Champs including Mike "The Hit Man" Easler who shared some of his memories with the Cook and Joe Show on Friday.

"We were a group of warriors," Easler said. "We were Buccos"

Easler said that the team had so much talent and so many characters but Manager Chuck Tanner was the right guy the right personality to manger that team.

"trust me...Nobody messed with Chuck," Easler added. "His world was gospel and you did what Chuck told you or you would end up against the wall upside down in his office being reminded that he was the manager."

He said Tanner was a master and putting the pieces of the puzzle together every night to get wins.

He was also a huge fan of all of his teammates but everyone loved "Pops"…Willie Stargell.

"Willie was my everything," Easler said. "Willie was a winner and a great role model for me."

Easler was a part time player in 1979 in his first year with the club...he got his shot at more playing time in the 1980 season.

One of the outfielders that he admired was Dave parker who he said was a big man who played the game great.

"I like to call him the Muhammad Ali of Baseball' Easler said. "He talked a lot but he backed every bit of it up."

Easler said that unfortunately we have lost many greats from that team but he is looking forward to getting back together with his teammates this weekend.

'It's a whole lot of fun being around the former Buccos." Easler said.

He is right...they were "Family".

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