Neal Huntington On Felipe Vazquez, MLB Trade Deadline Approach

The Pirates GM expects Vazquez to be closing the next playoff games for this team

Matt Harkins
July 21, 2019 - 2:16 pm

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - The 2019 MLB Trade Deadline is approaching and that was the main topic of conversation Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager Neal Hungtington had with the media prior to the Sunday afternoon game.

One of the names that has been floated out there by many media members, MLB Insiders over the past few weeks has been Closer Felipe Vazquez.

"We certainly understand why his name gets floated, he's one of the best relievers in baseball," said Huntington. "We're sitting behind a handful of teams, there is a history of teams sitting behind a handful of teams being willing to trade players and so it makes sense. We also have 4+ years of potential contribution from one of the best relievers in baseball. My job is to listen when someone makes the call, but we're not the one placing the calls to see what's out there. If someone wants to explore anybody on our club, we have to...But, we fully anticipate Felipe will be closing the next playoff games that we're a part of."

The Pirates GM also weighed in on what goes into being buyers or sellers at the trade deadline and how you are always trying to make this year's team better while setting your team up for success for year's to come.

"The interesting part about that is that you are buying either way, it's just that are you buying for the present or are you buying for the future," said Hungtington. "(We're) Still working through that. We've got players that we believe have helped us win games this year. We'd love to be able to add to this group and we'll see where we go and we'll see what the market allows and where we can move this market in one direction or the other, but it is, that's the interesting part about it is are you buying now or are you buying for the future."

This team appears potentially to be ready to make a late run this year, but the window also appear to be open, or opening, for this team to be set up to be contenders for next few years.

"We do and we recognize it's easy to poke a hole in that, but we also believe we've got a good group of young players and we didn't even talk about Josh Bell's break out," said Huntington. "But, there's a good group of young players here that go about it the right way, that expect to win, that want to win, that are driven to help there teammates be better and I've got to do everything in my power, and you can argue a better job of adding to that in some way, shape or form."

Huntington also discussed with the media about having 8 players make their MLB debut this season, the depth of the pitching staff being tested this season and the depth going forward and more about the approach of teams across baseball with only one trade deadline this season.

Listen to Pirates GM Neal Huntington's entire conversation pregame with the media below:

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