Jim Bowden: Baseball Will Return

Cook and Joe Show

Joe Kapp
May 12, 2020 - 3:08 pm

Major League Baseball Owners have approved a deal that would start an 82 game season in July as long as the MLB players Association decides to accept it and early indications are that they won’t take the deal on the table.


Former General Manger and MLB Analyst Jim Bowden joined the Cook and Joe Show to discuss the latest and he feels that a deal will get done and a deal has to get done but it should not be public.


“It’s gonna work out,” Bowden said. “The unfortunate part is that it has to go through the public to do so.”


He says these are uncertain times for everyone and nobody has had to deal with conditions like this before but both sides need to work together to get baseball back.


“Baseball wants to resume and they want to resume without fans so they can resume because there is no other option, “ Bowden added. “The problem with that is it’s 40 percent of baseball’s revenue and so financially they are clearly losing millions upon millions of dollars and so they are asking the players if they will help these drastic losses.”


The problem from the players side is they already agreed to get paid on a pro-rated basis based on the number of games you play….so if it’s an 81/82 game season they are already taking a 50 percent pay cut to begin with and don’t want to take the additional cuts from playing without fans.


“I’m not gonna pick sides on what is right and what is wrong,” Bowden said. “I will say that the public is not going to tolerate  millionaires and billionaires arguing over how much money they are going to get paid.”


Bowden said it would be best for both sides to keep it confidential with no leaks and work on this until a deal can be reached that works for everybody to bring baseball back in July to help with the healing process.


“People may take sides but it’s really foolish,” Boeden added. “Baseball needs to find a way to get back on the field and everyone is going to have to take a little bit of a hit here just like the public did.”


Bowden is convinced that a deal will get worked out and that we will have baseball this season.


He says MLB needs the national TV revenue from playoffs and a World Series and even if they have to pay the players the pro-rated amount it’s still better for them than to shut the game down for a full season…and the players will realize that if there are no games they will get 0 for the season so they would rather play for that 40 percent over nothing.


But more importantly a deal will get down because both sides will realize shutting the game down will cause serious damage that could take years to recover from


“If you shut the game down cause you are arguing over money…Do you know how long it will take the fans to come back?” Bowden said. “If you decide to shut down and not play baseball at a time like this…there are going to be a lot of fans that are not going to be forgiving.”



So both sides have to find a way to get a deal done….and according to Bowden they will.


He said this proposal is being presented now knowing they still have a month before spring training would have to open to allow the time for both sides to negotiate.


Bowden said baseball will be back in 2020 even though it may feel and look different…there will be baseball in 2020.