Joe Namath: Trying To Make The 4th Quarter Of His Life The Best

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Joe Kapp
July 11, 2019 - 2:49 pm

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Hall of Fame QB Joe Namath has always been a winner, a hero and someone people looked up too growing up in Beaver Falls. He however talks about some times where he wasn't so proud of himself when he joined the Cook and Joe Show on Thursday.

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Namath talks about problems he had with addiction in his new book "My Life in Four Quarters"

So why now? Why did he write his book?

"I felt I had some things I could say and maybe help some folks out there especially the underdogs or people that are dealing with problems," Namath said. "Whether it be with addiction or family problems whatever...It became a good idea (To write the book) and I'm happy I did it."

The world saw Namath at his low point when being interviewed by ESPN's Suzy Kolber on live TV when Namath said twice that he didn't care about her questions that she was asking about the New York Jets but that he wanted to kiss her. It was a moment that Namath said changed his life as he has not had a drink since that day.

'I really fouled up there. It was a blessing in disguise it really turned out that way." Namath added. "Suzy and I talked the next day and that's when I decided to go and get an education and learn about addiction. I think it saved my life really or someone else. I could have had an accident driving a car and hurt someone else." 

He is doing all he can to show the mistakes he made and how you can overcome them and trying to help others in the process.

"I did share that because there is a lot of people out there that are dealing with it and are ashamed or are afraid to talk about it," Namath added. "I want the people to understand you can do almost anything in life that you put your mind to do and your heart into it and with the right guidance."

He tried to convey that message not only with his addiction but his positive thinking in the book.

There is no better example of this in his life than his guarantee of a win in Super Bowl 3 as the QB of the heavy underdog New York Jets who did beat the Baltimore Colts 16=7.

It's a memory that he still thinks about every day and never gets tired of talking about it because when it's brought up it's a reminder of the faces of his teammates and coaches and the win.

""Yeah I still love it every day," Namath said. "We did it. That was the goal."

One other QB that continues to do it is New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and Namath says there are some great QBs that he would take but Brady has to be considered the best of all-time

"Yes, No one has been challenged that number of times against the best competition that's ever been on a football field," Namath said. "I never saw Tom lose a game for his team...I'm amazed at the level of his play."

He was also asked if he is amazed that his Jets now have former Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell in town?

"I'm excited for what I saw him do on the field," Namath added. "It's more than just physical talent. Le'Veon's gotta answer some questions as a teammate and it remains to be seen what he can do in that area. The plater on the field catching and running that cat has got talent."

So what now for Namath? 

"I've just started the 4th quarter of my life in my opinion." Namath said.

However as he points out he has seen many games in his life where the game was won in the 4th quarter and that is what he plans on doing.

"I'm going to keep trying to make progress...I'm going to keep trying to be productive, I'm going to keep trying to enjoy life spiritually and be respectful of every single person i meet," Namath said. "I'm gonna make this 4th quarter hopefully the best quarter I possibly can as a father,  a grandfather and as a friend to everyone I’m around."

How can we doubt any of his guarantees after Super Bowl 3?

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