Josh Harrison: Reflects On His Pirates Career And Says He Is 'Ready to Play' In 2020

Cook and Joe Show

Joe Kapp
May 26, 2020 - 3:51 pm

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Former Pittsburgh Pirates Infielder Josh Harrison was a huge fan favorite when he was here and he talked about his fond memories of playing for the Pirates when he joined the Cook and Joe Show on Tuesday including breaking up an extra inning no hit bid on a walk-off homerun and that 2013 wild card game.

“We knew we were going to win, “ Harrison said. “We knew coming into PNC they called it a black out I think everyone could feel the energy when we walked in…I think electric is the best way I could describe  it but being in the dugout and knowing I couldn’t’  even hear the crack of the off all of the times it was being hit told me how loud that stadium was.”

Harrison says he doesn’t like to look back and think ‘What if” but rather is thankful for the times he and his teammates had and the run they put on in 2013, 14 and 15.

Harrison sat out most of last season due to injuries and he is currently with the cross state rival Philadelphia Phillies where he  met up with many former teammates including Andrew McCutchen and Neil Walker when spring training began before the season was suspended.

“It was cool seeing a lot of familiar faces. We shared a lot of history with playoff teams,” Harrison said. “But not only that….seeing all of our families. None of us had kids at that time now we all have kids. I say kids because we all have multiple now.”

So all of us want to see baseball return but does Harrison think that the financial battle between the players and owners be the downfall of the season and the future of the game if  a deal doesn’t happen to return to play?

“You sure hope things work out but there are so many more concerns ya know….It’s not just about money for us…there are far more important issues families and things,” Harrison told the guys. “I don’t really fall into the whole will the money stop us from playing this or that because that is not the only reason we play this game….We love this game but right now these are unprecedented times and we got to take every cautious measure not only for us but for our families,”

He says he continues to be ready if and when baseball gets started in 2020.

“I’m staying ready to play man,” Harrison said. :For me I’m not worried about whether that work it out or not…I’m preparing as if they are cause I’m ready to play.”

But will there be some concerns from players who don’t want to take the risk to return not knowing if there could be a second wave of the virus and not wanting g to leave their families if they play in insolated situations?

“These are all things that I think this situation has allowed people to realize is you know…you gotta take a step back and do what you have to do for you and your family, Harrison added. :There may be some who feel that way out there but at the same time if were going back we’ve crossed every measure to make sure that we will be taken care of and our families.”

Harrison says although he may not agree with all of the proposed rule changes that could come with the return to play and safety measure that will not be the reason that baseball doesn’t happen.

“But I think it can change the game which is one thing we don’t want to happen but we know things are going to be different when and if we get back, “ Harrison said.

That could mean the way spring training 2.0 practices could be structured and they will have to ramp up game situations a little faster than normal but he says the players physically should be ready to go.

“I think a vast majority of us will be ready when that time comes, “ Harrison added. “Guys are prepared. The only difference is we really haven’t had any chance to get any game action so that is going ti be ramped up probably a little quicker would be my guess…but we’ll be fine cause I think once guys are back being able to play that’s one thing that happens that competitive edge that we all have…guys are gonna hop right back in it.”

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