Kris Letang: 'My Only Goal Is To Spend The Rest Of My Career Here'

Kris Letang Talked About A Trying Season And Why There's Nowhere Else He'd Rather Play

Kraig Riley
May 09, 2018 - 4:01 pm
Kris Letang Recaps His 2017-2018 Season

Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) - It was probably the most trying season of Kris Letang's career and one that now has some people questioning whether or not the team should look to move him this offseason.

Letang was asked about that very topic by our own Joe Starkey and had this to say.

"I sacrifice everything for this team so my only goal is to spend the rest of my career here."

Talking about the season he had that led to people questioning whether or not he still has it, Letang admitted "I don't think I got to where I wanted to be" following the offseason neck surgery and grueling rehab from it."

As for whether or not he thinks he'll be able to regain his old form after a full offseason.

"I'll take a couple of weeks and I'll get back at it.  It was 8 months of doing nothing and sitting at home [last offseason] I'll go back, get better, get stronger."

It wasn't just Letang though that had thoughts on his play this year and coming back from the injury.

Captain Sidney Crosby weighed in on his long-time teammate and how he hasn't lost any faith in him.

"We have tons of trust in everyone, especially him given what he's done and what he's proven.  I can just tell you from a teammate, there's no doubt in my mind, no matter what the situation of how big the game is, regardless of what happened the game before, there' no doubt in my mind that you can depend and rely on him."

Fellow defenseman Brian Dumoulin also showed support when asked by Starkey if he sensed struggles from Letang this year.

"He's such a terrific player and when he has the puck on his stick you know he's always going to try to do the right thing.  You could see how hard he was trying.  That guy cares so much about his team and his teammates and I just was honored to play with him and I think as we go on and play more hockey together, we'll only get better.  I mean he just came off a pretty difficult last season and that's not easy to do.  I couldn't imagine doing that and having to deal with all that and come back and play the minutes and the level that he does.  His expectations are crazy high and with that comes scrutiny but he's such a terrific player and I love playing with him and I'm honored to play with him.

And it didn't stop there.  In his final press conference of the season, head coach Mike Sullivan gave Letang his vote of support.

"Tanger is an elite defenseman and I think when you look at what he's had to overcome to play this season, it was a big challenge.  He went through a major surgery, a major rehab in a short period of time and I had an inclination that it was gonna be a difficult process for him to overcome that, and because of that, I think he's had some ups and downs...but by no means does it diminish what we think of Kris as a player."