Neal Huntington Says Bob Nutting "Encouraged" Him To Make The Big Moves

Neal Huntington Admits To Giving Up A Lot To Get A Lot In Trade Deadline Moves

Kraig Riley
August 01, 2018 - 4:57 pm
Neal Huntington Talks About Going For It This Year

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) - It was a busy trade deadline day for Pirates General Manager Neal Huntington and he took some time to discuss everything that went down with The Starkey and Mueller Show.

Huntington readily admitted they gave up a lot in their trades but feel like they added a lot too and says he feels great about the players he has added to his roster.

"To be able to bring a player like Chris Archer, to be able to bring a pitcher like Keone Kela into this mix as well, two very good Major League players, two guys that can be here for multiple years.  We recognize we gave up a lot, but we added a lot to this clubhouse.

The big question everyone wants to know as it relates to the Archer trade is, who is the Player To Be Named Later?  We asked Neal for some clues.

"It is going to be a good prospect, that is true," Neal told us.  "We gave up a lot to get Chris Archer."

As for adding to the roster, many doubted that would happen and cited the teams ownership.  Neal talked about that aspect of things and the support he had from Bob Nutting.

"As we went through the process, he was I'd say, encouraging.  If there was a good baseball deal out there that we felt made this club and future clubs better, I would say he encouraged us to go ahead and make that type of move.

One of those big moves though in Kela won't be available until Friday as the Players Union allows 72 hours for a player to report after being traded and Neal shared with us how they feel about that.

"When I spoke with him on the phone the night of the trade, he was fired up and ready to go and ready to jump in and ready to help this team compete and win games.  And then about 3:30 in the morning I get a phone call from his agent walking through all that players have to do when they leave a city...The agent pushed us to respect the 72-hour rule the union puts in place...I know Keone wants to get here."

Click the audio link below to hear more from Huntington on adding to this roster and the players teams asked about the most in potential deals.

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