Pat Narduzzi Doesn't Care For Your Recruiting Class Rankings

Pat Narduzzi Talks About A Monster Weekend On The Recruiting Trail

Kraig Riley
June 18, 2018 - 4:33 pm
Pat Narduzzi Talks About A Big Weekend Of Recruiting

Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) - The Pitt football program and Pat Narduzzi were taking some heat this offseason for not putting together a big recruiting class...and then Narduzzi landed 10 players in two days and all that changed.

Coach Narduzzi joined The Starkey and Mueller Show to talk about the big recruiting weekend he had in which his recruiting class ranking went from in the 70's to the 30's.

When presented with that stat, Narduzzi laughed at the rankings.

"That's crazy!"  Narduzzi said.

He then went on to ask who really pays attention to those rankings.

"Do you really look at those?  Come on!"

Narduzzi even shared a story with us about why he thinks those rankings are overrated.

"I'll tell you a quick story about when you can stink those rankings where you know you can stick them...In 2004, we're in Cincinnati.  Our first class I think was ranked someone told us like 83rd in the of those guys on that team were drafted, so we're not looking at the rankings too much.  We're looking to find some dudes that like to go out and compete and play football."

Coach also shared his thoughts on the new redshirt and transfer rules that went on the books last week and said it sure would have been nice if the NCAA had actually been proactive and gotten these rules into place a long time ago.

"I look at that rule and I look at two guys on our current football team that were directly affected.  Maybe if the NCAA would have gotten off their rear-ends a couple of years ago that Damar Hamlin, only played in four games, he'd be a redshirt.  How about we get one more year back for him?  Then the other notable player, Kenny Pickett, only played in four games last year.  So really this year, he's a true freshman if we can get this retroactive...I'm sure Kenny would like to have that year back."

Click the audio link to hear more from Narduzzi on a possible shift in recruiting philosophy for him and why he doesn't concern himself with how many stars a recruit has.

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