Pens Are Getting An Instant Fan Favorite In Brandon Tanev

Cook and Joe Show

Joe Kapp
July 01, 2019 - 1:32 pm

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

​As NHL Free Agency opens the Pittsburgh Penguins made a move that has some eyes raised signing free agent Forward Brandon Tanev to a 6 year deal. 

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Winnipeg Free Press Columnist Mike McIntyre covers the Jets and he joined the Cook and Joe Show to introduce Tanev to the Pens fans


"You are getting a real interesting player," McIntyre said. "One who will become an instant fan favorite for Pens fans." 


McIntyre says Tanev had his breakout season with the Jets last year and says he has a motor that just won't quit and he is a physical player with a high pain tolerance.


"He hits everything that moves," McIntyre added. "He is willing to sacrifice his body more than any other players are willing to do,"


He said he also showed an offense presence that nobody expected from him last year.



He can also understand if there is some head scratching going on by this move because of the value and the length of the deal but he feels it's justified,


"I can recognize that some people are going to look at that number and think it was a huge overpay," McIntyre added. "But I do think the intangibles he brings to a team that there is real value in that and good teams need a player or two like Brandon Tanev on their roster."