Jameson Taillon And His Teammates Donated Food To Local Hospital

Taillon Told The PM Team: 'And We're Looking To Do Maybe Some More In The Future'

Kraig Riley
March 23, 2020 - 9:46 pm
Pirates Donation

Jeff Hathhorn

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) - Jameson Taillon and his teammates may not have come north for the season due to the delay caused by the coronavirus, but the city is still very much in their thoughts.

On Monday, Taillon and his teammates made an impact in the city they call home during the season by having food sent to Allegheny General Hospital for all the nurses, doctor and staff as they are on the frontlines of keeping everyone safe and healthy.

While taking care of the workers at the hospital, they also helped support local businesses while having 400 pizzas and trays of pasts ordered from Slice on Broadway, located at PNC Park and Pizzeria Davide in the strip district.

Taillon joined The PM Team to talk about giving back to the community.

"A lot of our guys were pretty excited to get back up to Pittsburgh," Taillon said.  "We always enjoy our time up there and the people of Pittsburgh have treated us like family...so we wanted to put something together that could support some of our favorite local restaurants and then obviously give back to the people that are putting their lives on the line."

As for how long it took to put this plan in motion, Taillon said "it wasn't too long" and that they came up with the idea around the middle of last week and had the help of the Pirates in putting the plan in motion.

Taillon also talked about life off the field and how he's personally working through this time as he has been having to continue his rehab from Tommy John surgery while not being certain of what his access to the team staff and facilities will be.

"It's definitely weird right now," Taillon admitted.  "Thank God for the Pirates staff, they've been doing everything they can to keep my normal and keep my rehab going to the best of our abilities.  Unfortunately at some point we think some of our facilities might get shut down.  I've been preparing for that.  I ordered weighted balls, I've been taking balls home with me.  I have cleats at my place.  I've been bringing gloves home.  We've got some trainers and pitching coaches and stuff that live in this area year round, so we've been talking about, if it comes to it, we'll meet in a park.  Some of our trainers have athletic training tables, so we'll make this work, we'll do whatever we have to do."

Meanwhile, there has been so much talk about trying to still play at least part of the 2020 season, and Taillon is optimistic that can still happen.

"I am optimistic," Taillon told us.  "I think it's something the players want to make happen.  I think on MLB's side, they want to see games to."

So what about the idea of playing games early on in empty stadiums?

"I think it would be definitely a little weird...we love playing in front of fans, but at the same time, if we got to a point where we can compete and people can get to watch us at home and we can bring a product that people were excited to watch, we'd be extremely ready and happy for that too."

So if and when we get to that point, Toronto Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro was quoted as saying he thinks the players would need a 4-week spring training to ramp up before they could play again and Taillon agrees with that timeline.

"Ya, I think just for the starting pitchers alone, unless we were given an expanded roster maybe where the starters could kind of piggyback each other and we could have maybe 8 starters instead of 5...the farther we get removed from our real spring training, the more time of the buildup we're gonna need.  We obviously want to put the best product out there but we don't want to rush to put guys back ont he field just to have everyone get hurt."

Click the audio link below to hear more from Taillon with the guys as they talked with him about how he's passing the time, including his famous coffee routine and how he's doing on toilet paper.

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